What’s Your Design Personality?

Before I find myself happily immersed  in the world of design and interior styles, why not a quick refreshing of some of the popular styles to come.

Shabby Chic:

I would use the words pretty and delicate to describe this style. There is a strong emphasis in the vintage elements. Aged and distressed furniture is used to give off a feeling of wear and tear. Lots of linen textiles are pared with white and ecru colors.

Photo by doctorkish

Industrial :

This to me feels mature and rustic, almost like somewhere you’re not afraid to roll your sleeves up. You will see exposed steel pared with brick walls that might then be complimented by distressed wooden pieces. Copper and browns are commonly used.

Photo by mydomaine


This popular style is more commonly referred to as Boho. You can almost picture a carefree, adventurous soul relaxing among all the patterned pillows and throws. This style captures the creatively cluttered or busy look by adding vibrant colors such as red or purple with lots of accents.

Photo by Wall Stickers Shop


Sleek and simple design where less is more. The crisp lines come from the glass, metal, and steel materials that are commonly used. There is a simplistic color palette and very minimal accessories.

Photo by thewowdecor


Classic, comfortable, and generously accessorized. This style features dark wood, rich colors, and a variety of patterns and textures. The architectural details and finishes make this style unique while also being very versatile.

Photo by HGTV

Curious what style fits your personality? Take this quiz by HomePolish for a little inspiration. I was Comfortably Chic like the featured image.



One thought on “What’s Your Design Personality?

  1. I like the use of pictures in your blog. I’m not all that interested in design on my own, but seeing these pictures of the different styles peaked my interest. I took the quiz that you linked to and my result was Clean and Considered. Maybe you can write a blog post about that style?


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